Peter Beard

Photos © Copyright 2011 Playing Futures: Applied Nomadology, Flickr http://www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0   Peter Beard, of course, is the photographer alternately known for his pictures of Africa and African wildlife, his elaborate photo-collage “diaries” incorporating everything from news clippings to smears of his own blood, his photographs of international supermodels and rock stars, his leading-man good looks, […]

Nicholas Feltron

Life data gatherer and Facebook Timeline designer I came across Nichols Felton only a couple of years ago and became an instant fan. I love the way he visualises data from seemingly mundane daily activities to produce en mass an extremely enlightening picture both physically and metaphysically. Nicholas Felton spends much of his time thinking […]

Hugh McLeod

I am such a fan of Hugh McLeod’s work …. he acknowledges the tedious issues of the modern corporate world with humour but at the same time gives you the incentive to want achieve more and do better. I buy friends and clients prints of Hugh’s work whenever I can to spread the word …. […]

Do we need humans?

“Why are we at a point in our history when we would want to construct false relationships? Because when we construct robots, we are changing ourselves.” – Sherry Turkle We’ve been promised a future where robots will be our friends, and technology will make life’s daily chores as easy as flipping a switch. But are […]

Offscreen Magazine

Offscreen is an ‘old-fashioned’ magazine in high-quality print, exploring the life and work of people that create websites and apps. We tell the less obvious human stories of creativity, passion and hard work that hide behind every interface. Each issue is built around six lengthy interviews with creative minds of successful websites, apps and other […]

Tablets to overtake desktops

SANTA CLARA: Global shipments of tablet devices are projected to more than double those of standard notebook PCs and ultra-slim PCs by next year, according to the latest forecasts from NPD DisplaySearch, a market research firm. The Quarterly Mobile PC Shipment and Forecast Report indicated that shipments of tablets, a category including Apple’s iPad, will […]

5 irresistible tips you can learn from 1940s content marketing

I love these tips for custom publishing that Econsultancy picked up from a 1940s publication: 1. Grab their attention 2. Write content as though you’re publishing a book 3. Visual doesn’t just have to be an image 4. Use your content to solve problems 5. Content marketing isn’t just curating, it’s making too Visit  post  […]

"The man who cannot visualize a horse galloping on a tomato is an idiot"

– André Breton