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I am such a fan of Hugh McLeod’s work …. he acknowledges the tedious issues of the modern corporate world with humour but at the same time gives you the incentive to want achieve more and do better. I buy friends and clients prints of Hugh’s work whenever I can to spread the word ….

Hugh Mac­Leod is a car­too­nist, who makes his living mostly dra­wing “Cube Gre­na­des” for clients and publishing fine art prints via the inter­net. His first book, “Ignore Every­body” is published by Port­fo­lio, an imprint of Pen­guin. Also known for his ideas about how “Web 2.0″ affects adver­ti­sing and mar­ke­ting, after a decade of wor­king as an adver­ti­sing copyw­ri­ter, Hugh star­ted blog­ging at in 2001. He first star­ted off just publishing his
car­toons, but as time wore on he star­ted blog­ging about his other main inte­rest i.e. mar­ke­ting.

In 2004 he wrote “Ignore Every­body” and “The Hugh­train”, which both got widely read in the blo­gosphere, down­loa­ded over million times in total. In 2005 he sco­red his first major blog mar­ke­ting suc­cess with, a blog he star­ted with Savile Row tai­lor, Tho­mas Mahon. It tri­pled Tho­mas’ sales within six months. Since mid-2006 Hugh has also been hel­ping a small South Afri­can winery, Stormhoek “rise above the clut­ter” in the wine mar­ket by using Web 2.0 tools to get the word out. Sales have gone up five­fold since then, thanks to Hugh’s mar­ke­ting efforts.

Since 2006 Hugh has been cons­tantly enga­ged as a public spea­ker, giving talks in both Europe and the US, tal­king about Web 2.0 and the rami­fi­ca­tions it has on busi­ness. Hugh’s basic man­tra about blog and Web 2.0 mar­ke­ting is “It’s a good way to make things hap­pen indi­rectly”, a point lost on many cor­po­rate types.

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